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Who are the Hot Water Guys?

The Hot Water Guys are a team of Master Plumbers and craftsman skilled in homebuilding and remodeling. In fact, it was the remodeling industry that got owners Tom Massimin and Kenny Browning started with tankless water heating.

Tom Massimin
Kenny Browning
About Us Continued…

During many remodeling projects with sister company Bayou City Services, space was at a premium. A conventional tank water heater just took up too much room. Answer: a tankless water heater! This happened often, and happy homeowners overwhelmed us with compliments and gratitude. After about 8 years of successfully installing these amazing devices, Tom and Kenny decided in 2004 that Houston needed a new company specializing in tankless water heaters. The Hot Water Guys were born!


A tankless water heater is not your average water heater. They are highly sophisticated technical machines that, when installed correctly, will deliver years of trouble-free service… but when installed incorrectly, they can cause consumer headaches, inconsistent water heating and in some cases, catastrophic failure of the water heater itself. At least 40% of our business is correcting bad work done by a plumber or someone untrained who installed a tankless water heater incorrectly.

For all the serious tankless manufacturers, we are the factory-authorized service company in the Greater Houston, Katy, Conroe, and Galveston area. We keep most parts in stock so if your tankless water heater needs repair, we are able to fix it quickly on the first trip 95% of the time.


Why risk a bad installation? Use experienced professionals and get it done right the first time. The Hot Water Guys offer a two-year installation warranty on every new tankless water heater.


Texas Master Plumbers License # M12257