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Annual Maintenance: Why you have to do it!

Annual Maintenance: Why you have to do it!

One of the best features about a Tankless Water Heater is the fact that you can clean them. With every Tankless Water Heater installation that Hot Water Guys does for our customers, we install isolation valves also known as service valves. With isolation valves, we can isolate the water heater from the rest of the lines in your house so the calcium and sediment that is being removed doesn’t go to the faucets in your home.

Once the water heater is isolated, the technician will plug hoses into the valves and begin to descale the heat exchanger. By running a solution of either vinegar or our favorite, Calci-free, through the heat exchanger, we will be breaking loose any calcium or sediment that has built up since your last cleaning. By flushing out the heat exchanger, you are extending the life of your Tankless Water Heater and keeping your heat exchanger warranty intact.

Hot Water Guys annual maintenance doesn’t stop at just flushing your heat exchanger. We also do an overall wellness check of the machine. The Hot Water Guys service technician will pull your flame sensors and burner out to make sure they are clean and clear of debris. When using a gas Tankless Water Heater, it is imperative that you make sure these stay clean as they can get “gunked up” and cause the machine to malfunction resulting in error codes and service calls. The technician will also make sure that everything on the machine is up to manufacturer’s specification in order to preserve the manufacturer’s warranty.

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